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Flying is often a person’s greatest fear. With the recent Air France crash at the Toronto Pearson Airport, some flier’s stress may be at an all-time high. However, it is possible to practice stress management solutions while flying. Hamilton-based Mark McGregor, who is a stress management trainer and consultant, believes that we should use our HEADS (Humour, Exercise, Avoid, Delegate, Seek) to manage our flying stress. Mark comments, Some air passengers unnecessarily worry and become overwhelmed when traveling on airplanes which causes increased personal stress. It’s not enjoyable for themselves or the people they travel with. Chances are you will not be able to totally eliminate flying stress. However, with practical stress management solutions, you will be able to reduce your stress and enjoy your flying experience more. The experienced air passenger and two-time stress-induced heart attack and arrhythmia survivor offers some air-travel stress-relief solutions:

¢Humour is the best medicine. Pack some comic strips, a book that can make you laugh or a funny photo in your travel case. When feeling overwhelmed, pull out your reading material and let the comical content take your mind off of flying.

¢Exercise is possible on an airplane. You do not require a sweaty twenty-minute workout to gain the benefits of exercising for stress-relief. Be sure to pack a stress-relief ball that you can squeeze away at when things get bumpy. Take a brief stroll in the isle when the cabin seatbelt warning lights are off.

¢Avoid conversations with toxic people. You know the crash-n-burn type that believes everything about their flying experience is wrong. Tune them out by bringing your own music player and headphone set. Or simply plug in your headphone set into your laptop computer and play all your favorite hits. You may want to avoid playing Spirit in the Sky!

¢Delegate tasks to the flight attendants. Ask nicely, and you may be surprised what you get. Ask for a warm blanket or a soft pillow to rest with. On longer-haul flights, ask for middle-row seating sol republic headphones so you can stretch out on vacant seats on less populated flights.

¢Seek the right frame of mind. Flying has always been one of the safest methods of travel. Sit back and relax as trained professionals add to the comfort of your flying experience. Know that your pilot has sol republic tracks hd logged in numerous hours of flying time. Feel secure with the fact that security procedures have increased for your protection and safety.

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